With nearly two decades of experience in residential real estate, AEM Services is one of the largest real estate wholesalers in the U.S.

This experience has allowed AEM Services to become extremely successful in competitive markets spaces. AEM Services has completed thousands of wholesale property transactions. 

We have expanded our wholesale division across multiple states and markets, and continue to expand our AEM way across America. Wholesale properties are now available in Ohio, Texas, Alabama, Arizona, and California with many more states to come. 



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With nearly 2 decades of residential real estate experience in AEM Services is one of the largest real estate wholesalers.

We have completed hundreds of wholesale property transactions, and are changing the landscape of buying and selling single family homes.

As AEM’s portfolio of wholesale properties continues to grow, we are always interested in aligning ourselves with motivated and skilled buyers. To become a qualified buyer, please visit the Become a Buyer page and answer a few questions about yourself.


Our buyers often purchase, repair, and re-sell the property at market value. Buyers frequently keep the property as a rental property as well. 



AEM Services is a nationwide wholesaler. Check out a few of many markets AEM Services currently operates in. To find out if we operate in your market, complete the form HERE

Check out AEM Real Estate Group, a national leader in wholesaling real estate. 

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58% Below ARV
58% Below ARV

Cleveland, OH

63% Below ARV
63% Below ARV

Las Vegas, NV

59% Below ARV
59% Below ARV

Tucson, AZ

57% Below ARV
57% Below ARV

Houston, TX

62% Below ARV
62% Below ARV

Birmingham, AL

60% Below ARV
60% Below ARV

St. Louis, MO


If you're serious about purchasing properties well below the ARV, apply to become a buyer today. Once approved, you will gain access to our property inventory and will be able to purchase properties well under current market value.




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