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Mission Statement

       The AEM Services delivers the highest possible standards and results by:

  • Establishing a team environment of dedicated & accountable professionals;

  • Being market experts using wholesale, retail and high quality rehab strategies;

  • Focusing on single family homes, and other clearly defined opportunities measured by quality and value that exceed customer expectations;

  • Creating faster-to-market processes by optimizing our capabilities, enhancing productivity tools and using top-talent and reliable subcontractors; and 

  • Working collaboratively with our customers, agents, subcontractors, and real estate partners 

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Developing real estate value is the core of everything we do. We specialize in buying and selling properties to maximize investor profits. We find above average market returns acquiring undervalued on and off-market properties and quickly turn them into cash. AEM Services LLC is a premier and preferred real estate partner to deliver:

  • World-class performance, quality and value;

  • Leading brand awareness in the fastest growing USA real estate markets;

  • Top-tier customer satisfaction, and

  • Rapidly grow revenue, profitability & market share growth



AEM Services - Main Office

2998 West Market Street, Fairlawn, Ohio 44333


phone: 330.815.2027

email: info@theAEMservices.com

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