Since it’s founding in 1996, AEM Services has prided itself on delivering value, investor returns, and relationships through a variety of real estate services.


AEM Services is a national leader in single family home buying, selling, redevelopment, and investor partnership growth strategies across major metro markets throughout the United States.

Our team at AEM Services are expert in residential home redevelopment. Our years of real estate knowledge, attention to detail and pride in our work sets an AEM house apart from the competition.


With nearly 2 decades of residential real estate experience, AEM Wholesale is one of the largest real estate wholesalers in the United States. 


This experience has allowed AEM to become extremely successful in very competitive markets. AEM has completed thousands of wholesale property transactions.

As a nationwide wholesaler of real estate, AEM Services is operating in states across the U.S., with a diligent  and steady expansion program. 


As AEM’s portfolio of wholesale properties continues to grow, we are always interested in aligning ourselves with motivated and skilled buyers. 


Our buyers often purchase, repair, and re-sell the property at market value. Buyers frequently keep the property as a rental property as well. 

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AEM Services renovates properties across the country to meet the needs of today's discerning home buyer.  AEM Services is currently renovating homes in states across the U.S, with many more to come. 


Our years of real estate knowledge, attention to detail and pride in our work sets an AEM house apart from the competition.


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The management team at AEM has been providing investors with positive returns on real estate transactions for over 2 decades.


AEM is currently offering a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) under the name of AEM Capital Fund LTD. The PPM is an investment vehicle that allows for accredited investors to participate in and benefit from the performance of AEM's ongoing operations as a whole. 


AEM Capital Fund is AEM’s Private Placement Memorandum registered under The Securities Act of 1933, Section 4(a)(2), Rule 506(c)



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